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You can use our NEST Auto Trader to trade from Excel and fire orders directly to your brokers NEST terminal.

  1. But you must must know basics of Excel, how to use Formulas
  2. If you are new to Excel VBA, then either you learn Excel VBA first and comeback here or hire usto code your trading system
  3. Here it is assumed that you have some strategy in excel and you want to send the signals generated from excel to NEST
  4. We do not provide datafeed at the moment. So you have to mange that part yourself
  5. If you use anything apart from amibroker like excel, metatrader, ninjatrader or anything then you can still place automated orders to NEST.
    Our excel trading robo makes it very easy for you to fire orders directly from excel to NEST terminal. Not only this, robo is capable of ignoring duplicate orders so that your profits are not hampered and gives you a protection against losses
  6. You can trade in as many stock you want at the same time. Robo will place orders sequentially in NEST terminal for the buy sell signals that are generated
  7. Watch the video on youtube for excel trading robo and features
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